Amid the wreckage left by the opening band’s assault at the Big FanBeatdown Event, four punks from East Auckland stormed the stage like avenging angels. The air was thick with anticipation as Chlorine ripped into their first song, unleashing a sonic fury that ignited a swirling mosh pit of chaos and catharsis.

„Lush,“ „Make it Hurt,“ „Necrosis“ — the hits landed like blows from a madman’s fist, each note vibrating with raw intensity. Bodies collided in a symphony of limbs, the crowd feeding off the band’s reckless energy.

By the time they reached their final song, „Lust,“ the venue was a fever dream of sweat and shattered inhibitions. The boundary between band and audience dissolved into a whirlwind of ecstatic noise, a testament to the primal power of punk unleashed. As the last chord echoed into the night, it was clear: Chlorine had left their mark, a scorched earth of sound and sensation in their wake…🤩😎😘