Here I am, once again navigating the chaotic labyrinth of Auckland, a city that never sleeps but rather stumbles from one uproar to the next. Tonight’s battleground is Big Fan, a fitting moniker for a venue overflowing with eager, intoxicated souls. The alcohol in my bloodstream acts as a volatile accelerant, heightening the sensory barrage awaiting me as the curtain rises on this sonic spectacle.

The first band of the evening emerges into the fray, welcomed by a sea of faces straining with anticipation. It’s a three-piece girl band, hailing from the gritty enclaves of Tāmaki, a small yet formidable suburb in the labyrinthine sprawl of East Auckland. They go by the name Groop Chat, a curious title that hints at the unbridled chaos about to ensue.

The crowd, already teetering on the edge of frenzy, is electrified by the first defiant notes that slice through the air like a machete. Groop CHat wastes no time in asserting their dominion over the stage. What follows is not merely a performance but a full-scale insurgency against the mundane.

Their music is a whirlwind of sound and fury, a frenetic blend of punk ethos and unapologetic rebellion. The lead singer, a force of nature in her own right, prowls the stage like a caged panther unleashed. Her voice is a primal scream that resonates with those who’ve come seeking liberation from the banality of existence.

As Groop Chat launches into their set, the venue becomes a crucible of catharsis. The crowd, swept up in a collective delirium, responds with an intensity that borders on religious fervor. Bodies collide and sweat mingles with spilled libations, creating an atmosphere charged with primal energy.

In the midst of this cacophony, time loses its meaning. We are caught in a maelstrom of sound and sensation, united by the raw power of music. Groop CHat’s performance is not merely entertainment; it’s a call to arms, a declaration of defiance against the mundane.

As the final notes echo into the night, I emerge from the tumult dazed yet invigorated. Groop CHat has left an indelible mark on this city, a testament to the transformative power of music in its purest, most unapologetic form. Tonight, in the hallowed halls of Big Fan, we bore witness to more than a great show — we experienced a revolution. And in that moment, everything else faded into irrelevance…😘😎🤩