The gods of fate had denied me my rightful place among the muck and mosh of EvilDeads performance at my favorite guitar joint with bar and stage, the RARE GUITAR. My good friends of Antilles opend that night second to last saturday which i never dreamed of missing but i already had to blast the north for this years wacken.
EvilDead, those marauding minstrels from the smog-choked streets of Los Angeles, stood upon the stage like avatars of sonic fury. Steve, Albert, Juan, Mel, and Rob were conjurers of auditory pandemonium, their instruments mere conduits for the primal forces that surged through them. The audience, drenched and bedraggled, had descended into the mosh pit like disciples of Dionysus, ready to surrender their bodies and minds to the transcendental ritual that was about to unfold.
As the first chords reverberated through the air, a seismic jolt of energy coursed through the crowd, and the mosh pit transformed into a swirling vortex of frenzied bodies. Mud splattered, bodies collided, and the collective roar of the masses merged with the sonic onslaught to create a symphony of delirium. This was no ordinary concert; it was a riot of sensory overload, a communion with the raw, untamed energy that pulses at the core of the human experience.
As the last notes echoed into the ether, the rain continued to fall, the mud continued to churn, and the Wasteland Stage stood as a testament to the chaos that had transpired.
The rain had fallen, the mud had churned, and the souls of all present had been baptized in the crucible of chaos. Evil Deads gig at Wacken Open Air 2023, an ode to excess and abandon, had left its mark, its imprint forever etched in the memories of those who dared to venture into the heart of the storm.
Despite my steadfast commitment to forsake the camera in favor of indulging in the mind-altering embrace of drugs and beer at festivals, fate played its sly hand, coaxing me to reconsider my stance on this particular occasion.
So here they are, my lousy impressions, a testament to my fleeting flirtation with the camera and the only show i shot. For those who couldn’t be there, for those who yearn to taste the chaos from a distance, these fragments will have to suffice. Just remember, my friends, that no lens, no matter how powerful, can capture the unfiltered reality of a festival. To truly understand, to truly experience, one must dive headlong into the abyss, leaving convention and documentation behind, and surrender to the primal embrace of the moment😘😎🤘
Evil Dead is touring europe right now – check their socials and try to catch a show, its awesome!