Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls brought their unique brand of dark and twisted blues to Münster’s Heile Welt last night, leaving the audience spellbound and wanting more.
The band, hailing from the UK, kicked off their Europe tour with a bang, showcasing their latest album „I Put My Voodoo On You“. Jo Carley’s haunting vocals and wickedly clever lyrics were backed up by the Old Dry Skulls‘ impressive musicianship.
The setlist included several tracks from their latest album which had the crowd dancing and swaying to the infectious beat and had everyone stomping their feet and clapping along.
The band’s performance was electrifying, with each member showcasing their individual talents while still maintaining a tight, cohesive sound. Jo Carley’s stage presence was mesmerizing, with her commanding vocals and theatrical flair captivating the audience. The band’s unique blend of blues with old-timey vaudeville cabaret had the crowd on their feet, with the energy in the room reaching a fever pitch during the encore performance.
The band left the stage to thunderous applause, leaving the crowd craving more of their dark and twisted musical magic.
Overall, Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls delivered a mesmerizing performance that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Their music was a perfect fit for the intimate atmosphere of Heile Welt, and their energy and passion for their craft were truly infectious. If you have the chance to catch them on their Europe tour, do not miss out on the opportunity to witness their incredible live show.😘😘
Mutti holt immer die geilste Bands aus der ganzen Welt auf die kleine Bühne in der Heile Welt und auch morgen gibt es Spitzen Programm mit Sinnfrei -> SINNFREI (SKA-PUNK) LIVE Heile Welt