The DeeCRACKS brought the house down at the Puke-Fest in the Sputnikhalle last saturday, with their high-energy punk-pop sound. The band, known for their catchy hooks and frenetic stage presence, delivered a raucous set that had the crowd moshing and singing along from start to finish. Lead singer and guitarist commanded the stage with his charismatic stage presence and powerful vocals, while the rest of the band provided the perfect backdrop of driving basslines, fast-paced drums, and catchy guitar riffs. The Deecracks played a mix of their most popular songs and some new material that had the crowd on their feet and begging for more. The energy in the room was electric as the band and fans alike fed off each other’s energy. Overall, the Deecracks put on an unforgettable performance at the Pukefest in Münster and left fans wanting more. If you’re a fan of punk-pop and high-energy live shows, don’t miss a chance to see The Deecracks when they come to your town 😘😍✌️